Purium Europe, is Platinum Health Europe

Purium Europe,  is Platinum Health Europe.

The Organic, Kosher and GMO-free health products and 1510044 Athlete Transformation_CC_Englisc.indd
10 Day Transformation, from out of Southern California,
can now be shipped, to just about anywhere.


The whole, super and researched products, from Purium and Platinum,
are coming from the same sources and are manufactured in the same
facility (except for the MAP and Nanhydrid, they are from Europe).
So you can expect the same amazing quality and results.

I am happy to give you a gift card, from Purium or Platinum ($50US/€50EU),
towards you purchase of a 10 Day Transformation, “Metabolic Fast”,
or Athletes Transformation, and coach you through it. I also can get you
set up as a Distributor in the US or EU, once you feel the urge to share your new discovery!

This treasure chest of nutrition, has changed my whole game, in the past Year and a half.
I couldn’t be more satisfied or excited about these products; which is transforming the
lives of my friends, family and clients.

Let me know how I can help you with Purium US and/ or Platinum Europe.
Please email me at info@vitalchew.com

Chandra Lee Krohn