10 Day Transformation Europe

10 day transformation europe

10 Day Transformation Europe!

Yes you have found the 10 Day Transformation Europe, from Purium / Platinum and I am happy to help you.
I am a Personal Trainer and Health Coach since 2001 and this is one of the best things
I’ve seen come along, into either industry.

To find out what the “10 Day Transformation” is, click here

We can ship to nearly any Country in the world.

I have a €50 Gift Card* for you, if you order a 10 Day Transformation Europe (and it is your first order).

If you looking for a 10 day Transformation in the US, I have a $50 Gift Card for you.

*My gift card code is:  vitalchew (for Europe and the US)

For a tutorial to activate your €50 gift card and place your order for a 10 Day Transformation Europe – click here

After your order is placed, I will send you helpful PDF’s.
Included will be:

– Tips over the “Flex Foods” ; Foods allowed during your Transformation
– FAQ ; 5 pages of Frequently Asked Questions
– Your 10 Day Transformation schedule ; Yes, there is an additional awesome product
included in the 10 Day Transformation Europe.

Chandra Lee Krohn
Personal Trainer and Vitality Coach