Super Lytes

Super-Lytes_FSuper Lytes: aids rapid rehydration and are liquid minerals! It contains healthy sodium (natural Himalayan salt), magnesium, potassium needs. It also helps with headaches and cramping muscles.

While a normal sports energy drink has barely detectable 2 electrolytes, the Super Lytes are jam packed with 70! This is the ideal product for athletes, hot yoga enthusiasts, and individuals whom wish to hydrate their bodies. This product may also aid mineral deficiencies, increase alkalinity and promote sleep.

The Super Lytes are a combination of ocean minerals as well as fulvic acid. It is therefor a great source of magnesium, essential nutrients and electrolytes.

You can simply take them with your drinking water, sports drink, juice or your Power Shake.

This product is completely natural, organic and GMO free.

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