Personal Training and coffee

Coffee and PT
People often wonder if Personal Training and coffee go together.

Personal Training and coffee can seem contradictory, coming from a Holistic Personal Trainer.
For selfish reasons I am so happy “Trainees” have had their morning cup before showing up for
an early morning session!!! Sometimes grumpiness and a lethargic body can be a fun challenge
to quickly shift someone out of, but I don’t want that to be the point of the beginning of each
morning Personal Training session!

Generally I encourage less coffee and the use of Organic Ingredients. Organic coffee is so important
and a very easy switch! There are so many great organic coffees or every kind and more people go
organic everyday! The reason it is important is because coffee tends to be one the crops, with the
most pesticides; coffee and chocolate crops are unfortunately known for this!

A milk substitute; such as, hemp milk or coconut milk, is especially nice in ice blended coffees and
even taste way better! Soy milk can also be good but other milk substitutes tend to have less of a
strong flavor (so it depends on whether or not you like the taste of soy milk).

The subject on whether or not coffee helps to burn fat is recently under debate, again! In my view,
anything that helps you to work harder and train longer can be a helpful fat burner! Caffeine and
coffee do raise blood sugar though and is a big reason coffee curbs hunger. You definitely want to
avoid a blood sugar crash after training, or you will most likely store fat from your next meal. This
is why it is also not a good idea to have caffeine when you are hungry, instead of eating food. Many
people who do this,are trying to diet and is one of the many of reasons that normally, dieting doesn’t
work (the lack of even blood sugar levels).

Please exercise daily, eat organic and include Super-foods so you can “Start Shining”!!!

Chandra Lee Krohn
Personal Trainer and Vitality Coach