Vondelpark Personal Training

Vondelpark Personal Training and
Oosterpark outdoor Personal Training.

These “Park Training” sessions are special; no groups!!!
I am Chandra Lee Krohn, Personal Trainer
and Vitality Coach, in Amsterdam.

I use 2, somewhat private, beautiful locations in the Vondelpark.

My outdoor training sessions, like all my sessions, include exercises and training
modalities that fit the “Trainees” goals and needs. While my sessions always
include some elements of strength, condition and flexibility training;
they can be either an ultra-intensive body weight and condition training
or a flexibility and functional training workout.

With 16+ years PT experience, I am able to be
creative and find it impossible to give the same
training session more than once.

I am committed to my work and my “Trainees” and consider being a Personal Trainer
a very special privilege.
I expect a commitment to oneself in return and openness
to try new things.

for more info please contact me at chandra@vitalchew.com

Chandra Lee Krohn