Testimonials 10 Day Transformation

Starting off the 10 Day Transformation with the thoughts of what I can’t eat 🙂

On day 2 I had a bit of a headache and felt a little weak
Chandra discouraged me from having a veggie soup with chicken that evening 🙂
“If you want to really detox, keep it as raw and meat free as possible”, she said.

On day 5 I lost 5 kg and starting to feel GREAT! Getting excited about the product’s.
On day 6 my friend and fellow Squash player sees how great I’m looking and decides to do a Transformation too.
Chandra hooks him up with Spanish video’s over the detox.

On day 7 I felt in general slightly lightheaded, bit of a weird sensation, the problems I wanted to get rid of were sliding away YEAH!!

The day after the completion I post in Chandra’s transformation support private FB group:

“Thanks for all the input and your help Chandra Lee Krohn, what a great experience and feeling. 5kg of fat melted like snow under the sun! It’s a very special experience I begin to realize now and the best way to describe I think is like resetting the body and mind and now I’m starting from zero again which makes it easier to keep eating healthy, The old routines are gone. Awesome!”

Day’s after the completion:
I am stable around 81kg ?I’m playing squash like 15 years ago:)))
Lightning fast!!! Haha

-Rik Rijnders
Nov, 2016 Palma de Mallorca, ES

nikkie weight 3 photo“Chandra has been the architect and driver behind the last half of my 100 pound weight loss journey, putting my body back together and curing myself of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS/ME), during which I spent several years mostly in bed and nearly isolated myself from the world. After 20+ years of (morbid) obesity and being overweight it has been a long but beautiful road to reclaim the body I actually never had as an adult. At 42 I am in a better shape and physical health than when I was at 16 years of age! I did the 10 day transformation with Chandra and a group of my students on Facebook! The results were extraordinary, many excess pounds were lost, we felt amazing, it was so easy and actually saved time. Nearly all of us, though originally only planning to do the 10 day cleanse, ended up continuing for 20 days more every other day. And ordering the shakes as a nice meal replacement after we were done. Now post-cleanse we can see evidence of life-style changes, new habits, and a fresh set of taste buds. Chandra gave all of us discounts, held our hand along the way,  answered all of our questions brilliantly with  so much genuine care. Thank you for so many beautiful transformations, as well as your integrity as a true professional and human being. As for me personally, you will forever have a place in my heart and occupy a step in my soul. Thanks coach, the gift of freedom is treasured beyond measure. Not only did you change my body, you changed my perspective of myself and the world around me in a very positive way. As a result, I became more positive. I am passing that on to others.”
– Nicole Schneider, owner Global NLP Training, in Amsterdam (The Netherlands.)

“I have been plagued with knee problems since high school. Had both knees operated on in my Freshman, and Sophomore years in college. Last one the Doctor told me I had 2 choices. Quit playing basketball or be in a wheel chair by the time I was 40, as I had arthritis and a quarter size hole in my cartilage already, then. About 12 years ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. My knees were the worst. At one point, I was almost immobile, could barely walk. I am only 47. I can honestly tell you, this has been a life saver and changer for me. Trust me, I was skeptical at first, as I have tried many many things…this is the FIRST thing that has ever made me feel THIS good. On day five, I woke up without knee joint pain. It was like magic. I can not remember the last time I’ve felt this good! My clothes are getting bigger too!!
– Jodi Carlson-Thom in Jamestown, North-Dakota (USA.)