10 Day Transformation Gift Card

platinum gift card
10 Day transformation Gift Card, VITALCHEW

Lost your 10 Day transformation Gift Card code?
My €50 Gift Cards can be used only towards a 10 Day transformation, on your first order.
My Gift Card code is: VITALCHEW

If you have specific questions on how or what to order please email me at info@vitalchew.com.

Once you have placed your order, I will send you your 10 Day transformation schedule,
tips over the “Flex Foods” (foods allowed during your transformation). and a FAQ
(five pages of frequently asked questions). These PDF’s are available in English and
Dutch. (videos in Spanish)  They will likely have all the info you need, but I am here
to help you through your 10 Day Transformation and into your transition, afterward.

Vitalchew is my email, website and Gift Card code, towards
the purchase of a 10 Day Transformation.

The Gift Card is good for a €50/$50 discount on your first 10 Day Transformation purchase from Platinum EU or Purium US