the best organic store in Amsterdam

I am always telling how lucky I am to be living around the corner form the best organic store in Amsterdam; Ekodis.
Here is a good example of why I love them so much. I got all these products (and some of these I use already) for €10!

First, Ekodis has a rewards program. When you use your customer card, you get €10 off for every €500 spend
it may not sound like much, but it is more than any of the other CORPORATE nature shops (Ekodis is family owned and operated!).
By Ekoplaza you have to spend a minimum of €25 to receive a discount; which bothers me because a lot of my purchases are small, for just a few things.

So when my husband came back from shopping on Saturday, he brought home this “Summer Package”
(awesome box of goodies and inspiration), all for the €10 bonus we got from the rewards program

I was so excited I put it all together on the floor to make a picture,
with intention to put it on the Ekodis review page or something, as a thank you.

The box also included some recipes to make with the products;
so my husband made some egg-free and gluten-free pancakes, yum!!!

Thank you Ekodis you are the best organic store in Amsterdam