Dry brushing while detoxing


Cleansing the largest organ in the body, our skin, by “dry brushing” is
valuable to overall health and assists during any detox, fast
or cleanse.

Besides improving circulation and removing dead skin cells, dry brushing
helps to eliminate toxins and stimulate lymphatic system; 
which is very
important anytime, and especially while detoxing.

Dry Brushing is touted for reducing the appearance of cellulite; which does
make sense. W
ith the additional circulation/blood flow brought to the area,
seems logical that it would encourage freeing up the  toxic build up, within
the fat cells, while working with the lympahtic system.

Many holistic practices that can be put into your daily health regimen may
not be immediately noticeable, as being very beneficial.
Many people
wonder, what is this or that doing for me?
However, with dry brushing you
should feel instant results.

I go in phases with this practice. I find it difficult to stay consistent
with this one and its too bad. Normally I foget about it,
then pick it up
again, directly before I begin my 10 Day Transformation (Metabolic Fast)

or I remember it,  during my Cleanse.

Dry brushing can also be very handy when one does not have access to water,
in replacement of a shower.
Preferably, we should rinse off the dead skin cells
after dry brushing 
but when there’s no choice we should still feel pretty clean.

Here are a few tips:

• Be sure to use a natural bristle bush, with the bristles being firm but
not hard

• Brush on DRY skin, towards the heart, starting with the feet, in a circular
motion and on your back, brush from neck down.

• Let the brush do the work; don’t press too hard and “scrub”
• Be careful and gentle with more sensitive areas chest, breasts, inner thighs
and irritated areas, including varicose veins.

• Rinse off the dead skin cells and enjoy your new skin

Adding dry brushing to your daily regimen is optimal, and is definitely the
easiest way to make it (or anything)
into a new healthy habit. Even though
it is a few extra minutes, it will be worth it.

Chandra Lee Krohn
Personal Trainer and Vitality Coach