Creative Detox?

Creative Detox

If you have a social event or special occasion,
that happens to be during your detox, get creative
with whatever simple allowances you have.
Depending on which detox you are doing, you will
likely be allowed certain cleansing and healing foods.

You can be creative and make a few simple foods, beautiful
and special. It is mostly about making it pleasing to the eye,
as you still want to keep with the intention, to not make your
digestive system work too much, so that your body can use its energy for healing.

Especially if you are attending
or hosting an event, you can make yourself feel a part of the
feast and the celebration and usually people won’t even realize
that you’re doing something different. I’ve even had people
ask me “Wow what are you eating?” Then I can begin to share,
“this is organic homemade guacamole. I am using sliced cucumber
chips as chips instead of tortilla chips because I’m on a detox
right now”. They are usually intrigued; first, because I am eating
at all, and second, because I am obviously feeling great.
This then gives me the opportunity to share with them about what I am doing.

This photo with this post, of the coconut and blueberries was
on my dad’s birthday, on the fourth day of both of our
10 Day Transformations. Truthfully I didn’t eat all those dried
coconut flakes but it sure was fun to do and beautiful to look at.
It’s always remarkable during a detox how wonderful simple
foods taste, because the quality of our taste buds, get purified.
So make the most of it and enjoy which ever simple as foods you’re allowed, to the max!

Chandra Lee Krohn