Tart Cherry Europe

“It wasn’t a bowl of cherries”, is a famous old American saying that we still use today.
It implies that whatever it was, it was far from perfect.  So if cherries are so perfect, then what else is there to say?
When it comes to nutritious food, I always have more to say….

There are many different species of cherries and they all have different health benefits.
Did you know one species contains a substance which helps your body to produce collagen?
By the way, the latest anti-aging secrets being released and discovered, are all natural ?!?
And what about natural melatonin? Can the right type of cherry help you sleep?

On work out days, I make a “night cap”. Not to reward myself with alcohol, but to make sure I get a good deep sleep
and have stuff in me that is anti-inflammatory so my muscles can recover. My “night cap” is Apothe-Cherry, an organic
tart cherry extract I take before bed, 3-4 nights a week.
The type of cherry it is made from is also the most nutrient dense fruit in the world and loaded with anti-oxidants.
I don’t eat 1/2 of the fruit I think I should, but with my cherry nightcap I know I am still getting plenty “fruitrition”.

Chandra Lee Krohn
Personal Trainer and Vitality Coach