reasons to detox

Whenever I ask someone, “what are your reasons to detox?”, they usually say they would like to have more energy, lose weight, or that they have abused their body for so long, they would like to reverse some of the damage. These are great reasons to detox and there are a plenitude more. I have discovered 3 deeper reasons to detox, that people normally learn, after doing a number of detoxes.

Launch new habits

Breaking your routine, doing out of the norm, and breaking sugar addiction,
during detox, presents a great opportunity to instill new habits. Your desired
new habits could be as small as eating better; like adding more vegetables,
having less coffee or alcohol. Or your new preferred habits may be
to lead and support you, into a new course in life. Changing our daily
habits, however small they seem, make up our daily routine, which makes up our
life, in points of time. Most of us take for granted the impact daily habits
have overall, on our life. Each moment, we are reinforcing our habits;
both “good” and “bad” alike. We can opt to replace our less desirable habits,
with better ones, in the moment, by taking action, when the choice arises and
then performing that action again, and again, until it becomes a habit. It is
possible to begin to act with new habits, which support your fuller potential,
which you may often dream of. The state of being, in which a proper detox is
likely leaving you experiencing, is that of a clear mind and a clean body.
This is an excellent state to be in, when a highly energized, fresh start is
desired, wouldn’t you agree?


Learn about your body, and yourself

Wouldn’t you like to know more about your body? This is one of the main deeper
reasons to detox. If you are like most people, then your body is one big mystery.
Even if you can point to where your vital organs are located (which sadly few people can),
it’s unlikely that you know what their functions are. Like any other topic, the more
you know, the more responsibility you may have; so perhaps this is why we walk
around in this vehicle of ours, mainly clueless as to how it runs, how to maintain
it and especially, how to fix it. During any detox, fast or cleanse, if you pay attention, your
body will tell you a lot. Most of the time we stay busy keeping our body
“comfortable”; giving food when it’s hungry, caffeine when it’s tired, wine
when we’d like to “unwined”. We go-go-go with our daily schedule and chores,
often giving only to our body what will keep it quiet and not give us too many
complaints. During your detox, you will not be eating the same and you will be
doing many things differently than you normally do. The systems in your body
will be working differently, things fromthe past, both toxins and thoughts, may
present themselves, at the front. If you schedule some time during your detox,
to slow down just a little, and set forth this particular intention, you can learn
many things about your relationship with your body and how to make it better.

– You may discover things you thought you “needed”, you don’t actually need at all!
– You may find the origin of your aches and pains and what to do further assist in
healing them.
– You may have the experience that you have much more influence over
your health and energy, than you thought you did.
If you are ready to take some responsibility for your health, a detox can provide many opportunities for this.


Beat your body to a cold or flu,
which is often gravid with a hidden message

Ever feel like getting sick is a punishment, as you are forced to sit or lay
around the house while you’d like to be doing something else? Can it be at
times our body is giving us no choice, but to stop, because that is what it
needs? Is it possible at times that we may also do it to ourselves, unconsciously?
Outside of a small percentage of the population, which is born with a genetic
disorder prone to disease; sickness and disease may play a role that most of us
overlook. Sometimes we get sick because we need to slow down, take better care of
our self, tend to an emotional matter, do some self-reflection and get into balance.
One philosophical perspective on sickness is that anytime we get sick, or even feel
that we may be getting sick, there is an imbalance present; either physical,
emotional or spiritual, something that is trying to get our attention. It is then naturally
wise to pay attention and look for the imbalance, so that we may address it. In addition,
many times, symptoms of a cold or flu can also be looked at as a sort of detox (I mean,
that is kinda what’s happening). So why not detox out of conscious choice, before your
body makes that decision, for you?

-Chandra Lee Krohn
Persoanl Trainer and Vitality Coach