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All 10 day transformation & product descriptions from Platinum Health Europe at a glance.
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Platinum Health Europe and Purium Health Products are sister companies they are creating,
manufacturing and distributing organic, non – GMO and Kosher health products.
Purium is an company from California, USA. Platinum is based in Europe.

They are using the same products and sources and working with the same farmers
Purium manufactured their high quality products in Long Beach, California (except the amino acids pills, they are manufactured in Europe).

The 10 Day Transformation is the most efficient and the healthiest system that is available, to detox and lose weight, while retaining muscle.


sandovalDavid Sandoval is a wellness expert, whole-foods nutrition advocate, innovator,
best-selling author of The Green Foods Bible,
disease prevention activist and Chief Science Officer for Purium Health Products & Platinum Europe.