Focus on accomplishments

I am a list person. I work from a list, shop from a list and target my goals from a list.
This has undoubtedly help me maintain (or get) clarity and focus.

If you are passionate or creative (does one exist without the other)?
Then you are excited and energized to do many things. So many things in fact,
that keeping them in your head will often scatter or overwhelm you. Sound familiar?
This may result in not accomplishing things that are very important to you.

Writing things down and getting them on paper is crucial.
It is an essential element to any goal setting or goal strategy.

Perhaps you can relate, that even though I had it on paper I would still often find
myself getting overwhelmed by my “to-do”‘s, or disappointed when I didn’t get them
all done.
Even on days or periods that I had a “good flow”, accomplished many tasks,
and seeded new ideas,
I would often find myself beginning to feel unaccomplished.
On a workday,
I would typically experience,as the day got later and “time began
running out”,
a lot of pressure. Many times I would get anxious over the things I
did not have enough
time to do or did not manage to complete.

I am changing this fruitless, counter-productive mental habit!

Now I have been practicing, reflecting on what I DID accomplish. I am making it a habit
that when
“it is getting later and time is running out” to take quick review of the tasks that
I DID do,
begin or finish. This takes about 5-10 seconds and gives me a good feeling as
I wrap up
the final “work” tasks of my day and other things from one of my “lists”.

Now at the end of each day I make it a point, to reflect upon my
I also review the things I learned (also an accomplishment),
the things that I got excited about and the things that inspired me.
This conscious act, of positively reviewing actions and efforts,
can become a habit after repetition (like anything else),
and will give birth to reviewing not only a day, but reflection upon
a period of time (week, month, year….),
in the same way; it will become
a way of thinking, a positive way of perceiving our own efforts.

This “Reflective Perspective” at the end of my day, and in general,
gives me peace, a great feeling of accomplishment and I believe the better
(more real) perspective. This attitude also positively motivates the next day
and future activities. It builds upon itself, more actions done in the flow,
and overall
it leads to accomplishing more of the things that are important to us.
It gives a good feeling, as we go about our “duties”, and what can be more
important than feeling good, as we do the things we do?

Chandra Lee Krohn
Personal Trainer & Vitality Coach