10 Day Transformation Help

10 Day Transformation Help

Are you looking for help during your 10 Day Transformation? I am happy to help you decide which Transformation is best for you,
how to place an order and support you during your Transformation. Please email me at info@vitalchew.com

After you place your order, I will send you, user friendly PDF’s. You will receive your 10 Day Transformation Schedule,
tips over the “Flex Foods” (foods that are allowed during your transformation) and a FAQ (5 pages of frequently asked questions).
This may be all the help you need but I am here to help you go through your 10 Day Transformation and into your transition afterwards.

You may read some information over the 10 Day Transformation on my website vitalchew.com.
I also have a Facebook Transformation support page; “Health Warriors United – with Platinum and Purium”.
It can be fun and very helpful to share in the group, during your Transformation, ask advice, or just read posts.

We also have a staff Naturopath that you may email if you have any medical questions or special concerns, Michael Wolfeld, puriumnaturopath@gmail.com.

It means a great deal to me, that you have a positive experience, and get as much from your Transformation as you would like to.
I am here to help you with whatever you need, for your 10 Day Transformation.