Super Power Shake

super power shake

“Super Power Shake”


Making one addition into your life of making a smoothie each morning, can greatly help to transform your health! It is powerful because your digestion is the strongest in the morning and because you can be sure to easily consume those ingredients, which you otherwise may not; the ingredients that you feel you SHOULD be getting into your body.

Also, it starts your day out right and sets the tone and it makes you feel GREAT!

Adjust the recipe below, with particular ingredients that address whichever health issues you are working on. I’ve had this smoothie nearly every day for 2 years, because each of these 6 ingredients is transforming the health details that I personally, am working on and/or maintaining; ginger, cinnamon, the green super foods and other nutrient packed ingredients and fibers in the Power Shake, (grasses, algae, sprouts, rice bran solubles). And by the way, those ingredients are awesome for most people, because they do a vast array of actions for the body, digestive health and blood.

Place in a blender (try to leave skin on the fruits/roots as it will make you chew and that is very important):

– 350ml or so water (enough to blend and reach desired consistency)
1 organic apple or pear chopped
1 Tbsp. freshly ground flax seeds or 1 Tbsp. pre-soaked chia seeds or ¼ avocado,
¼ cucumber chopped (unpeeled if wax free)
1-2 inches chopped organic ginger root (depending on how spicy you like)
2 Scoops Power Shake/Hippokrates Power – Berry flavor (for all your green super foods and slow carbs)

*Optional flavorings:
– big squeeze lemon (tip: can juice lemons and put in ice cube tray for future smoothie use)
– ¼ tsp cinnamon

Mix well in a blender on “pulse” or ‘’ice” function

Serve your Super Power Shake in a nice glass and enjoy! (or use a portable container if you are on-the-go)