L.O.V.E. 10 and 30

 Love10L.O.V.E. Platinum – LOVE in a jar

The LO.V.E. Platinum product contains more than 30 whole food and superfood ingredients. It is indeed love in a jar. It promotes weight loss, better metabolism, can function as both an energy drink as well as a protein drink. It offers fibre support and can function as an Essential Fatty Acid Supplement, and boost your immune system. and energy levels

This product is  completely natural, organic, gluten and GMO free.

This product is available in a 10 portions as well as a 30 portions size.

Do you want to order this product? Select “view product” LOVE (10 Portionen), Organic (Product Code:2700e) or LOVE Super Meal 462 g (30 Port), Organic (Product Code:2710e) from the list inside the Platinum store.

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