Personal Training Studio Amsterdam Center

Personal Training Studio Amsterdam Center
It has been “working out” really great, literally, for me and my “Trainees”.

Inside we have 2 training areas, equipment and tools to meet a variety of needs and a kitchenette
where I make yummy protein shakes and rejuvenating superfood smoothies; so convenient!
Plus a good shower, when that is helpful.

I also love that the Personal Training Studio is still close enough to the Vondelpark,
when ‘outdoor training’ is preferred, easy for a quick reschedule.

One of my favorite things is that we can play whatever music we want to; our favorite music
or just music that fits our activities or mood. This is a huge positive contrast to being in a big gym
and having customers constantly complain about the music. Not because the music is necessarily bad,
but because you can’t make hundreds of members happy with the same music; but now I can make everyone happy!

The Personal Training is private; we only have one Personal Trainer working at a time, with one “Trainee”.

This Studio is located on a cozy quiet street off of the Prinsengracht, on the Rozenstraat.
This is one of a few Personal Training Studios, in Amsterdam Center.

Chandra Lee Krohn
Personal Trainer and Vitality Coach