Epsom Salt Flush

Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate) Flush

The Epsom Salt Flush is my favorite “1 Day Detox”! It is primarily a quick colon cleanse.
It is so easy to do and it is okay eat your normal foods during this cleanse (though best results will occur,
when less food is taken). When done over the weekend, you are sure to return back to work on Monday bouncy, clear and feeling great!

It is excellent for helping to balance gut flora, if you include a probiotic supplement and/or probiotic foods and chlorophyll rich Super-foods.
I highly recommend probiotics/probiotic foods and green superfoods during this small cleanse! We all could use a boost to our microbiome.

I personally much prefer this Epsom Salt Flush, over a Sea Salt Flush because the Magnesium
makes my muscles feel so relaxed and it never leaves me with a bloated feeling.

My favorite time to do it, is when I need (want) to feel amazing 2 or 3 days later, and don’t have time to do a full body cleanse.
hen I do make the time a few times a year, I always do the 10 Day Transformation, because is loaded with
real food nutrition from superfoods, eliminates parasites with herbs and includes toxic free proteins, so I don’t lose muscle).
This Epsom Salt Flush, is also a great way to kick off a new eating regimen or new habits, which support your health goals.

As mentioned below, you may do this Epsom Salt Flush, 1 or 2 full days and you may even just perform a “morning flush”.
Attention to one huge factor: we must be at HOME to do this Flush (or close to a friendly toilette)!

Epsom Salt Flush directions:

1) Before Breakfast, have 1-2 Tbsp. Epsom Salt dissolved in large glass of warm water.

Many people feel it is easier to swallow salt in a smaller glass of warm water,
followed by a big glass of warm water or herbal tea. You may add lemon for taste as well.

2) You may have a bowel movement within 20 mins-3hours and they could continue, throughout the day.

3) If going for a full day flush, then continue each 3-4 hours, Epsom Salt in water, only reduce the amount to 1-2 tsp. Epsom Salt.

There isn’t really a golden dosage and it varies for each person, so change it accordingly.
You may prefer to attempt this with the smaller dosage, the first time you do the flush.

The goal of this flush is to clean out your intestines until they are releasing mostly, or only, water.
If you do this cleanse for 2 days, you will reach the point of only water.

It is very important to drink a lot of water with the salt!!! The magnesium will draw water into
your intestines and be dehydrating. The drawing of water into the intestines is what cases the intestines to clean out.

As mentioned, Salt flushing is good for helping to balance intestinal flora . The other natural salts are just as beneficial
for this (other salts have very different instructions for cleansing).

Epsom salts cleansing, should not be performed more than one time in 30 days, or on a continual basis.
Epsom salts should not be taken orally by anyone with digestive disorders, acid reflux, Crohn’s Disease
or anyone who has more than 3 bowel movements daily.

Chandra Lee Krohn
Personal Trainer and Vitality Coach