10 Day Transformation Testimonial

Day 1 starting off the 10 Day Transformation with the thoughts of what I can’t eat 🙂

On day 2 I had a bit of a headache and felt a little weak
Chandra discouraged me from having a veggie soup with chicken that evening 🙂
“If you want to really detox, keep it as raw and meat free as possible”, she said.

On day 5 I lost 5 kg and starting to feel GREAT! Getting excited about the product’s.
On day 6 my friend and fellow Squash player sees how great I’m looking and decides to do a Transformation too.
Chandra hooks him up with Spanish video’s over the detox.

On day 7 I felt in general slightly lightheaded, bit of a weird sensation, the problems I wanted to get rid of were sliding away YEAH!!

The day after the completion I post in Chandra’s transformation support private FB group:

“Thanks for all the input and your help Chandra Lee Krohn,
what a great experience and feeling.
5kg of fat melted like snow under the sun!
It’s a very special experience I begin to realize now and
the best way to describe I think is like resetting the body
and mind and now I’m starting from
zero again which makes it easier to keep eating healthy,
The old routines are gone. Awesome!”
Day’s after the completion:
I am stable around 81kg ?I’m playing squash like 15 years ago:)))
Lightning fast!!! Haha

-Rik Rijnders
Nov, 2016 Palma de Mallorca, ES