New Years 2017 Group Detox

New Years Group Detox Event

Right now I am busy with some friends and health professionals,
organizing a New Year’s Group Detox, to begin on January 9th.
We will be using the 10 Day Transformations system (duh!),
to get ourselves and each other feeling at the top of our game
and ready to embrace the New Year.

This is so cool because we have people from all over the world,
getting excited about this. Many people have already done the
Transformation and we have a lot of new Transformers.
It’s always nice in a group, when you have a lot of experienced
people, because they really support and encourage those who
experience fear or difficulties.

Also with a Facebook event page,
it is such an easy place to share and post. It is a private event,
so only the people invited to the event, can view the activity.
I am really looking forward to see the different Transformation,
and for myself to get that amazing feeling in my body that I
normally get on Day 5 or 6.