Flexibility and Stretching

Ever notice how much time dogs and cats spend stretching? All mammals stretch, most of the entire day, except most PEOPLE!

The best time to stretch and the best way to stretch, is known to be, one of the most debated topics in fitness. We all agree on one point, in this debate; that most people, including those dedicated to exercise, do not stretch nearly enough!

”ANY time stretching is better than NOT ENOUGH time stretching!!!”

Your Stretching Routine(s) may include a combination of  STATIC STRETCHES, ACTIVE STRETCHES and DYNAMIC STRETCHES

STATIC STRETCHES are stretches that you hold for a given length of time and must be performed when muscles are warm. They are generally relaxing, best done after a workout or while chilling out.

ACTIVE STRETCHES are stretches done while contracting either the muscles you are stretching or the opposing muscles. Active Stretches are more advanced, can be a workout in themselves and can serve as an excellent pre-workout warm up or post-workout cool down.

DYNAMIC STRETCHES are stretches performed by moving in large ranges of motion. They often resemble exercises done with weights and as a result, are a perfect pre-workout warm up.