Feeding the Machine… YOUR Machine

When I ask someone, “How do you think you eat?”, nearly everyone reply’s, “I eat really healthy”. If you wish to make big changes to your body, then you will need to change some of your current actions and that includes your  food intake. The good news is, you don’t need to change everything all at once…

small, appropriate changes, which are consistent and strategic, will assist in your body’s continued transformation.

One important fact to remember, in regards to relating to your body, is that your body is a MACHINE, a highly intelligent, multi-systematic, machine.This machines primary goal, is: SURVIVAL.

One of the tactics, this intelligence uses, to maintain SURVIVAL, is to use as little energy as possible!!!

If you are working to lose weight, this tactic of your ”machine”, isn’t helping, it is working against you! This is why you must be STRATEGIC, consistently making changes in your actions (food intake and movement); in order to ASSIST your machine to work WITH you, in favor of your weight-loss and/or muscle-gaining goals.

The first step in our strategy, will be evaluating which areas(s) or habits(s), should be changed first, to create a large physical impact, that will also be a SUSTAINABLE change.

In helping you to discover which changes or additions that would be most appropriate for you, for long term success, it is important that we take your goals, daily routine and current lifestyle into consideration. Unless you have a short term goal (in which, all else in your life can be temporarily sacrificed), then we need to create balance in your lifestyle and routine that will be in support of your goals and of the other things in your life, that you enjoy and love.