MAP Discount

MAP Discount

Our Plant based protein, MAP, Master Amino Acid Profile (AKA “Super Amino23″/Purium),
is on discount this month. Buy 3 get 1 free, during the month of April.
MAP is my favorite
protein supplement, after years of experimenting as a Personal Trainer. I’ve never had a customer complain
that it is making them “feel bloated”, as with whey and other protein supplements.
It is also vegan, so no worries about lactose or milk intolerance or having to combine
it properly with the other ingredients in your shake.

MAP will not stress liver or kidneys!

with its “least amount of nitrogen waste’’. It bypasses the organs and is digested in 23 minutes
in the small intestine.
MAP is 100% absorbed and 99% utilized; which means that 99% of
it’s amino acids, are used by the body.
MAP is the most heavily researched and proven
effective protein supplement in the world. Totally non-toxic, which is another reason it
can be taken during a detox, fast or cleanse
(the other main reasons are that it doesn’t stress your liver and kidneys like other
proteins and that it doesn’t require digestion).
As Platinum  members, we already
get a great MAP discount, but this special makes it even better.

Chandra Lee Krohn
Personal Trainer and Vitality Coach