What is the 10 Day Transformation?

What is the 10 day transformation


The 10 Day Transformation is a complete, all natural, cleansing system which combines the wisdom from Ayurvedic, Chinese Medicine and modern medical research.

The 10 Day Transformation feeds your cells with whole nutrition, while at the same time, the powerful ingredients aid in removing toxins and unwanted parasites freedom the body, helps to balance gut bacteria and reduce inflammation.
The 10 Day Transformation includes protein used in the medical industry (no yo-yo effect or muscle loss).
There is  an incredibly easy to follow schedule which can be modified to meet different needs and goals.
We use organic, pure, researched and non-GMO ingredients; which are filled with dense,
supportive nutrition, from whole foods and nothing artificial. The products come from small, high quality production, in our own manufacturing facility in Long Beach, California.


What is in the 10 Day Transformation system?

A total nutrition, super-foods shake, with rice bran (b-vitamins and good fats), micro-algae, sprouts and grasses;which detoxifies, acts as a multi vitamin, balances blood sugar, gives energy and burns fat.

Protein; the best and most researched protein supplement in the world.
It is non-toxic and completely absorbed and utilized by your body. Proven to increase muscle mass in coma patients.
Your organs do not have to work to digest it (as with other protein), so it can work on cleansing and healing, while you retain muscle mass and rebuild.

Minerals / electrolytes (hydrating mineral drops or tablets) assists your cells in regulation, communication and transportation.

Herbs; assists organs in detoxification and eliminating unwanted parasites.

A tart cherry nightcap; loaded with anti-oxidants and has  natural melatonin (so helps you sleep like a baby).
This is a very powerful anti-inflammatory and is heavily researched for its anti-aging properties.

What else?

$50/€50 Gift Card for you to use, on your first purchase, towards a 10 Day Transformation

“Flex Foods” These are the name we give, for foods allowed, during your cleanse.
You can easily choose them from a “Flex Food” list.

Staff Naturopath We are very fortunate to have a Naturopath, available to answer any special questions or to discuss any concerns with.
You are welcome to email with him directly, or we can take care of it for you.

What support (if any), will I receive during my 10 Day Transformation?

There are several Facebook support groups and I also (my team), have a private Facebook Group.
It can be helpful and fun.

After you place your order, I will send you some PDF’s, which include: your 10 Day Transformation schedule, tips over the “Flex Foods” (foods allowed during your Transformation) and a 5 page “FAQ” (frequently asked questions).


Chandra Lee Krohn