10 Day Transformation

The 10 Day Transformation is a 10 Day detox, metabolic fast, cleanse and weight-loss system! An Amsterdam Personal Trainer will coach you through your 10 Day Transformation, with either Platinum (Nederland) or Purium (USA), health product lines.

The 10 Day Transformation is the most efficient and healthiest system available, to detox and lose weight, while retaining muscle. The 10 Day Transformation burns fat while saturating your cells with nutrition, from whole, super-food and researched products; not processed chemical shakes and supplements.

The 10 Day Transformation is so effective and very easy to do. No shopping, chopping or juicing required; only shake up with water and swallow, and choose small snacks from a list.

There is sport version; the 10 Day Athletes Transformation, to increase athletic performance and detox, without the weight loss. Also there are many ways to adjust a Transformation, with the “Flex Foods”, to accommodate your specific goals and lifestyle.

As a Personal Trainer and Holistic Health Coach of 14 years, these products have been an incredible tool and an answer to numerous challenges of my clients; with weight loss, muscle recovery, forming good habits, eliminating sugar and carb cravings, improving taste buds and improving energy levels. These benefits, by nature give the motivation and results needed, to reach an entirely new level of health and fitness.

Please feel free to check out the Platinum and Purium Health Products. You can find both stores and product descriptions for the US and the EU, on this website.

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