Tricking up the Body

“Tricking up the Body”

(Diverting the Body’s processes of adaptation)

What are processes of adaptation? Let us remember, that our body, is a MACHINE… a highly intelligent, multi-systematic, MACHINE. And its primary goal (no, not BIG biceps or a trim waistline)… is SURVIVAL.

One of the tactics, this intelligence uses, in order to maintain survival… is to use as little energy as possible.

Your body will literally, ‘TURN OFF’, ‘PUT TO SLEEP’ and ‘LAY OFF’ muscle fibers that are ”’needed” for a particular movement, in order to save energy!!!

-For FAT loss, this works against you, because you burn fewer calories!

-For MUSCLE GAIN, this works against you because you want to be ”recruiting” MORE muscle fibers, not ”laying them off”’!

-For Movement, this works against your freedom of healthy movement (functional movement) because we may NEED those muscle fibers for OTHER movements…

We CAN divert these processes of adaptation and plateaus to a LARGE degree… by ”Tricking up the Body”… and leading your body, into the attempt to adapt to something new; as a result, not adapting and getting continued results.