Personal Trainer Amsterdam


The Absolute Training

Personal Training Sessions and Personal Program Design

The Absolute Training is a complete training system that has been developed over the past twelve years. It incorporates TRADITIONAL METHODS of training, with CORE STABILITY Training, FUNCTIONAL Training (with and without the use of fun toys), CARDIOVASCULAR Training and FLEXIBILITY Training, the Program Design can include workouts, that can be done ANYWHERE.

The Personal Training Sessions and Personal Program Design, is very specific, to each individual and are based on the needs, goals and desires of the trainee.

The Absolute Training is progressive; meaning, that the Trainings progress, as the trainees body makes, its progress. Not only as the body progresses in strength and flexibility, also in movement, balance and coordination.

This progression insures, the trainee is constantly learning something new, staying motivated and excited about the training and this progression naturally resists the body’s processes of adaptation by “tricking up the body”.