Pre-detox prep massage!

I am so glad that I have the excuse, that I “should”
get a pre-detox massage to prep, before I begin my
10 Day Transformation!
It really helps to get things
moving around. A good massage can move toxins
that are stored in muscles,
out into your bloodstream
(and then hopefully out of your body), that’s why it’s so
important to drink water after any deep tissue work.
A pre-detox massage definitely helps me to get into the
detox space I want to be in; relaxed and clear.
My favorite place to get a massage in Amsterdam is
a Chinese massage place, off of Dam Square.
It is inexpensive and very low maintenance.
Because it is low maintenance, must be why they
can make it so affordable, while in such a prime location
(they face the Royal Palace). They only have lite curtains
separating the “rooms”; which are really just beds with
curtains around them and a chair. I love that it is not very private,
because you know there aren’t any happy endings going in there;
I’ve heard too many creepy stories about other places.
When I go to this place, six out of ten times, I walk out thinking,
“this was probably the best massage I have ever had”.
One in ten times, the massage is so bad, I feel sorry for the girl giving it,
thinking she must be filling in for someone who is very sick and
has clearly never given a massage before.
There are other pre-detox duties, which are not as fun
(like getting off caffeine and anything else kinda bad).
It means a lot to me to do a detox prep, before I start the cleanse,
so that my body is really ready to begin cleaning and healing, as soon
as I start. Also, I really love the space I get into, 4-6 days into my
Transformation, and I think with a good prep, I may get there sooner.
-Chandra Lee Krohn