Personal Training


Personal Training Sessions and Personal Program Design

The Personal Training given by Chandra Lee, is a complete training system, involving functional movement, flexibility, strength and condition.  The training incorporates several training modalities, including:  body weight training, correctional/flexibility exercises, resistance training and cardio/condition training. Chandra gives training sessions, both indoors, at Splash Healthclub Leidseplein, and outdoors, in a semi-private location, in the Vondel Park. The use of kettle bells, balls, yoga tools and hanging systems are incorporated into the indoor and outdoor training sessions. The program design can include workouts, that can be done ANYWHERE; at home, outside or hotel, with out equipment.

The training by Chandra Lee is progressive; meaning, that the trainings progress, as the trainees body, makes its progress. Not only as the body progresses in strength and flexibility, but also in movement, balance and coordination.