New Year’s Group Detox Event


Below are 3 questions we are getting about the “New Years Group Detox” event
I cannot find the “New Year’s Group Detox” event.
How can I join (or accept my invitation)?

If you received an invitation, through Facebook:
Click on Facebook icon, next to the Facebook search bar and scroll down to “Events”.
Click on “Events”, you will see every event you have ever been invited to, through Facebook.
Click on our event (New Year’s “Group Detox), then press “going”

If you do not think you received a proper invitation, and are interested in joining us
Leave a comment here or PM me and we will send you an invitation
and connect you with the appropriate “Host”
(Chandra Lee Krohn, Jeremy Fraj, Vanessa Loudon or James Lee Krohn).

What is the Group Detox about, what’s involved?

We will be following and using the 10 Day Transformation cleansing system,
which has an incredibly easy to follow schedule.
Using the products and system, is so easy to do, that lots of Transformers,
do while traveling and with busy work schedules.

We use organic, pure, researched and non-GMO ingredients,
which are filled with dense, supportive nutrition from whole foods,
and nothing artificial.

What is in the detox system?

A total nutrition shake, with rice bran (b-vitamins and good fats),
micro-algae, sprouts and grasses; which detoxifies, acts as a multi vitamin,
balances blood sugar, gives energy and burns fat.

Protein; the best and most researched protein supplement in the world.
Proven to increase muscle mass in coma patients.
It is non-toxic and completely absorbed and utilized by your body.
Your organs do not have to work to digest it (as with other protein),
so it can work on cleansing and healing, while you retain muscle mass and rebuild.

Minerals / electrolytes for assisting your cells to regulate, communicate and transport.

Herbs to assist your organs in detoxification and to eliminate unwanted parasites.

A tart cherry nightcap; which has the only known source of natural melatonin
(so helps you sleep like a baby), and is loaded with anti-oxidants.
This is a very powerful anti-inflammatory.

What else?

“Flex Foods”. There are also some foods allowed, during your cleanse.
You can easily choose them from a list, when you feel the need to crunch on something

Support from the hosts and people in the Group Detox as we do our New Year’s group detox together.

We also have a staff Naturopath, whom you may contact with any questions.
Michael Wolfeld

January 9 is too late or too early for me to start,
may I adjust my start date by a few days?

Yes, we have a few people beginning earlier and later.
You will still be acknowledged in the group, as beginning and ending, on your actual start date.