Healthy childrens shakes and supplements!

Finally Healthy childrens shakes and supplements!

Children’s yummy chocolate shakes and supplements that are actually HEALTHY,
not just pretending to be! It used to make me so mad when I read the labels on kids products,
containing so much sugar and junk. The vitamins in these children’s products come from plants.
There are no synthetic chemicals, or artificial anything!
Children’s bodies (and adults) were designed to extract vitamins and minerals from food.
Like no synthetic vitamins, real vitamins that kids can actually absorb!

I am so excited to be working with Purim’s new new kid’s line!
They are the best kids products on the market!
Purium/Platinum uses USDA certified organic ingredients,
naturopathy and science to create pure plant-based products that will
help your children to thrive and reach their full potential.
The yummy chocolate shake is the only organic multi vitamin and protein drink made in the world.

Shouldn’t we just feed our kids healthy, people ask?
Do you know any parent who can get their child to eat enough fruits or veggies,
or enough good anything? I have a lot of healthy friends, who eat real healthy.
I don’t have one friend, whose kid’s eat nearly healthy enough,
especially for their growing bodies and brains!
When I grew up, my Mom fed me healthier than any other kids I knew.
But when I look back, it really wasn’t very healthy,
compared with what foods and knowledge are accessible now.
It may have been good at the time, but now we know better.
Not only do we know better, but this is the first time in history,
that we have access to so many of the planets most powerful foods.

In addition to the yummy chocolate shake which my Dad drinks daily,
called “MVP Kids, ” (MultiVitamin + Protein),
there is an herbal formula for focus, called “In Focus”. A super-food,
fruit and veggie Nutrition Drink to support their growing bodies, called “Power Kids”,
and an herbal immune system supporter, which helps to re-balance them
when they aren’t 100%, called “Immune Shield.

I no longer need to be upset when I walk through the supermarket,
with all the junk food, placed at children’s eye level,
advertised as “Healthy”, now that we have these healthy children shakes and supplements,
from Purium and Platinum!