Flu Season Prevention; Salt Sole

Salt Sole Waking Tonic

With 70-84 minerals/trace minerals, this morning tonic can reduce and relieve symptoms and prevent colds and flu’s. Salt is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral. It also charges the immune system, assists in detoxification, clears congestion, has an anti-inflammatory effect, regulates fluids in the body and has countless other positive health impacts.

We can not live, with out salt.

Salt Sole Instructions:

1. Fill a glass jar about 1/4 of the way with beautiful Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt (Real Salt or Celtic Sea Salt are other great options, do not use Table salt, it is poison). Fill the rest of the vessel with high quality filtered or spring water. Add a plastic lid or glass stopper (not metal!), shake and let sit overnight. There needs to be undissolved salt on the bottom, so add more salt if needed (it could take more than 24hrs to dissolve, but a night is long enough to begin using).

2. Never use metal utensils with your sole and do not allow any metal to touch solution! Remake if this happens accidentally.

3. Keep refilling your jar with salt and water when it runs low. You should always have some undissolved salt in the jar; this means the solution is at 26%. It is sterile and lasts indefinitely.

Use the Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt rocks or the larger stones, instead of granules. If you only have access to granules, use them but try to replace them with rocks or stones when able.
Some Salt Sole uses:

Flu season Waking Tonic (or anytime need some daily detox): Each morning upon waking, take 1 teaspoon of Sole, in a glass of room temperature water.
Nasal Irrigation , in a Neti Kettle:: 1 ½ Tsp. Salt Sole (this 26% solution above), with 1 cup 8oz or 250ml filtered water.

Eye Wash (for hay fever or any other cloudy or itchy irritation): in eye cup, 1 ½ Tsp. Salt Sole (this 26% solution above), with 8oz or 250ml filtered water.

Natural salts are necessary for human health and life.


  • Chandra Lee Krohn for Vitalchew