Exercise during detox

Should I exercise, while I am doing a detox?

My customers can get confused about work outs during detox, and whether of not working
out is benificial or counterproductive. It is true that heavy long workouts can confuse your
metabolism during detoxing and fasting, due to the restriction in calories while simultaneously
burning lots of calories.  However, it is important that your lymphatic system be stimulated to
release toxins; you must be sure that toxins leave the body during detox! Stimulating the lymphatic
system can be accomplished with a long walk, yoga or 10 minutes of a jumping motion.
Also ‘dry brushing’ is effective in stimulating this system and goes quite well with a detox regimen.
Even while detoxing with the 10 Day transformation; which is designed to retain muscle while you
detox and eliminate parasites, you should still refrain from a heavy workout.

I normally advise to take the time during your detox to do other physical activities that you
may not normally make the time for; such as stretching, yoga and walking. Though the researched
and patented, MAP (Master Amino Acid Pattern/Super Amino23), in the 10 Day Transformation
will prevent muscle wasting, it cannot prevent your metabolism from being confused
because we are hardwired for survival.


Dave Sandoval,
owner of Platinum/Purium Health Products explains this perfectly:

“Should I exercise while I do the Transformation? Well in order to answer that question,
I want you to go back in history with me and become part of my Paleo tribe.
And you know we’re hungry today and we’re going around and we are looking for food
but we can’t find any so we have to walk a few extra miles we have to climb a couple
of hills and even climb some trees looking for food. At the end of the day we didn’t get
as much as we wanted and we worked a lot harder to find it now if this goes on
day after day then our metabolism, our DNA, Actually triggers a survival response
that teaches us and our body to use fewer calories but get more energy out of them
and will also take any extra calories and store them for the future so we don’t starve
in the form of fat. Now our body’s DNA is highly intelligent and it keeps us alive by
changing our metabolism when we exercise more and eat less. Now fast forward the
modern times and you need to lose a few pounds in one of your friends say they know
just how to do that, ‘You have calorie restriction/portion control and you start exercising.’

The problem is that while that makes sense mathematically it actually
triggers the primordial ancient DNA and our bodies begin to respond
the same way as they did when they were part of that Paleo tribe and
all of the sudden you get the rebound effect all of a sudden you get that
yo-yo and you end up weighing more than you did before you lost the
weight. With Purium, in the 10 day transformation, we encourage you
to give your body a little bit of rest to let it regain its energy to rebuild
and cleanse… And then after you start eating more again, after the
10 days are over and you start consuming more calories, that is the
perfect time to start exercising more again.