groene-smoothiesDaily Greens plus Protein Smoothie

The  Vegetable Base is great for a variety of green smoothies and is great with or without the added protein, nut butter and seeds. You may wish to double the recipe, using half of the vegetable base, to replace a salad, for a later meal (the same day!), and the other as a Meal Replacement, with the added protein powder, nut butter and seeds.



Vegetable Base:

¼ large cucumber, unpeeled if wax free
1 stalk celery
1 large apples or 2 small, unpeeled if wax free
Large handful flat leaf parsley, spinach, kale or watercress
1-2 inches ginger root (depending on how spicy you like) unpeeled and organic
¼ avocado *TIP: only cut away what is needed; partial avocado stays good for days when intact with it’s seed
½ Tsp chlorella, spirolina or 1 Tsp wheatgrass or barleygrass powder
Big squeeze lemon or lime, about 1Tbs *TIP: juice one or more lemons and freeze in ice cube tray for easy future use, in smoothies and sport drinks, as fresh lemons go bad quickly
¾ cup filtered water

Protein, nut butter and seed addition, for a “Meal Replacement”:

1 scoop Whey Protein Powder Isolate – use only “Cross Flow Micro filtered” (CFM) Whey
1Tsp cashew butter or white almond butter
1 Tbs ground flax seeds or chia

*for a Post-workout Protein Drink, for muscle recovery, add only Protein Powder


Add vegetable base and water to blender; depending on your blender, may want to add ingredients in 3 or so parts, blending then adding more. Blend until smooth

Add appropriate nut butter seeds and blend.
Add protein powder and blend; the protein powder will mix quickly and may make smoothie foamy, this is why you should add at last moment.

Serve in a beautiful glass, with a straw and garnish with parsley leaf, lemon wedge, or cucumber slice.