My mini Life Story

I am Chandra Krohn, the Personal Trainer and creator behind the Absolute Training, in Amsterdam. I was born in Hollywood, California, in 1970. I Grew up in Southern California with a young, adventurous and (mostly) single Mom. Our lifestyle, provided me with a unique and challenging upbringing, providing many diverse life experiences. I knew, since I was a small child, that I “wanted to work with people”, and believed that I had a natural ability to understand people and even had my own theories, in regards to ‘’why people are the way they are’’.

Growing up, I loved sports. During school, I competed in Cross Country, Track and Swim Team and also enjoyed skiing, hiking and roller skating. I was influenced by growing up around professional athletes, mostly aerial artists, freestyle skiers, motocross racers, dirt bike racers and by my Mom, who is extremely athletic, to this day. I experienced my first real weightlifting, at the age of 14, while following my Mom around the gym and copying her, as Mom was training for a body building competition; this undoubtedly spiked my interest, in training the body.

I became a Personal Trainer and began my first Personal Training business, ON Venice Beach in 2000. Each morning, I would carry a bunch of heavy equipment to the sand, set up a large tent, for shade, and a mini-gym, complete with benches, barbells and dumbells. The location was great, training people, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It was a fun challenge and gave me, my first experiences in helping people to change their bodies. This outdoor experience, with limited equipment, also gave me the need to be creative and I began to use what I later termed as “Creative Cardio”.

In 2001, I moved up to Northern California. Moving up North was great; San Fransisco, wine country, mountain climbing, easy access to ski resorts and a beautiful coastline. I continued to Personal Train, in a highly competitive, gym environment. It was here, that I gained loads of Personal Training experience, working for nearly 3 years, with hundreds of people, as a successful Personal Trainer, obtaining 3 more Personal Training Certifications and taking numerous continued education workshops in the field. These years were the beginning, of The Absolute Training methods.

I first came to Amsterdam, on Holiday, in the summer of 2003. I instantly and completely, “fell in love with Amsterdam” and moved to Amsterdam, the following spring.  I immediately began Personal Training in Amsterdam, at Splash Healthclub, Leidseplein where I have continued with The Absolute Training methods, expanding them, even further, until this day.

Each year, from spring until Fall (the warmer months), I enjoy giving trainees a unique personal training opportunity… to have their sessions outdoors! I Personal Train on some days, inside Splash and on the other days, I give Park Training; Personal Training sessions, that are given in the Vondelpark, Amsterdam. This adds even more diversity in my Personal Training, and is one of the training experiences which I refer to asTraining Outside of the Box.

Make no mistake, my genuine love and care for people, and my, seemingly, go-with-the-flow attitude in life, will win no one mercy during my Personal Trainings! My clear intention and tools, that I have used in making my own ‘large life changes’, are a powerhouse and can provide motivation and inspiration, for the people I work with, during their transformation.