Cardio Programming

Working DIFFERENT is  the KEY, when desiring more results from your cardio trainings!

The power and sneaky abilities of your body’s processes of adaptation during cardio, is remarkable!

Your body will adapt to a cardio routine, burning fewer calories, in less that 6 weeks!

(If unfamiliar with what processes of adaptation are, see: ”Tricking up the Body”)

So, whatever your “appropriate cardio recommendation or routine” is today, it will need to be changed SOON and OFTEN to continue to obtain desired results.

If you are “in love with” your current routine, and look forward to it with anticipation, don’t worry, I won’t try and take it away; we can just TWEAK it a bit, to get MORE RESULTS.

If you desire FAT LOSS, we will have you at the optimum level, time and intensity to melt that fat down and HAVE FUN while it is melting (or at least look like you are having fun).

If you desire is better condition, more stamina, a strong heart, greater lung capacity and FEELING GREAT, I can help you to have a blast and feel like a POWERHOUSE!

If you are ready for something totally new, MEGA challenging, with unlimited diversity, then maybe, Creative Cardio, is something for you.