Amsterdam Triathlon

Saturday I went to an Amsterdam Triathlon, to support Sara, my friend and “Trainee” (someone who does PT with me). It was so cool!!!

First of all, it was at Blijburg; a local beachclub and beach. Blijburg is super funky and they just finished remodeling and finally have a really cool, permanent location (they would have to move every so many years, for the construction of new apartment complexes and it was always unsure how long they could continue).

The Triathlon was set up in groups, so they had different start times and you could easily find the participant you were there to see. I was able to see Sara take off, return and “transition”, for each segment. Sara was doing the “Sprint”, which is a short version of a triathlon; 750m swim / 20K bike / 5K run. Sara was having so much fun, smiling nearly the whole time. It was also cool to see her not try to kill herself, but just go at a nice pace and enjoy it. I also know that she did not kill herself training for it, she barely did any practice swimming or biking, she was only running regularly, as this is one of her favorite things to do. It was awesome to see that she practiced keeping balance in her life, while having an upcoming competitive sports event.The medal the participants got, was the coolest I have seen! It is a nice Amsterdammertje, perfect size to wear on the neck, silver color and very heavy.