About Chandra Lee Krohn

I am Chandra Lee Krohn, Personal Trainer,
Vitality Coach, lifestyle coach
and a Holistic Health Advocist.
I am a California Native and have been
living in Amsterdam, since 2004.

I’ve been hanging out and training in gyms since I was a teen. My Mom once competed in a body
building competition and my first experiences with weights were following her around and
copying her, when I was 14 years old. I have been fascinated with nutrition and eating habits
for as long as I can remember. So becoming a Personal Trainer, was a very natural thing.

I am driven by a “passionate belief that everyone can and should reach their fuller potential“. If there is one thing that keeps me awake in the night, this is it.

Equally as interesting to me is human behavior and the complexity of human movement , I mean what job could me more perfect?

I give Personal Training Sessions at TrainMore (Black Label) at on the Koninginneweg 29-31 in Amsterdam Zuid and during warmer months, I also give private training in the Vondelpark and Oosterpark.

My Personal Training sessions are very specific, to each individual.
With 16+ years PT experience, I am able to be creative and find it impossible to give the same training session more than one time. With that in mind, I am sure to hit the basics, while having fun and throwing important smaller, specific exercises (such as flexibility and corrective exercises) and/or high intensity conditioning movements into, what would be, a “rest”, during the workout.

The “Park Training” sessions are special (no groups!!!). In the Vondelpark I use two, somewhat private, beautiful locations each year. My outdoor training sessions are challenging and fun with a mix of strength and condition training. As with all of my PT sessions, we use a variety of tools and methods; including body weight exercise, kettle bells, hanging systems, resistance training and flexibility.

Most of my life I have practiced Vegetarianism and I wanted to make sure I was getting what my body needed. So I researched A LOT and experimented A LOT. It is quite interesting how so many people (including scientists) have such different views on, what a healthy diet,
actually is. This and much more has fascinated and motivated me. For 20+ years, I have read, researched and experimented with Holistic Practices, to satisfy my unending curiosity and to find ways for myself to gain vitality.

I work with a 10 day detox/cleansing system; “the 10 Day Transformation” which includes nutrients dense whole foods and a non-toxic protein created by and used in medical industry and an athletes detox/cleansing system. These are used to clean the inside of the body of parasites and toxins, burn fat while retaining muscle, break food and other addictions, kick-start the immune system, enhance healthy taste buds and help reverse bad habits. I am blessed to have been introduced to this system and these organic, whole food products.

I have a lot to share and feel good doing it. I am committed to my work
and my “Trainees” and consider it a very special privilege to work with people in this way.

Chandra Lee Krohn