10 Day Transformation and my neighbor brings cucumbers

Only someone who has done a 10 Day Transformation, can appreciate how awesome it was, when my neighbor brought me 3 humongous organic cucumbers, on Day 7. of my 10 Day Transformation!

Calle works in a local, family owned Health Food Store. I had stopped in the day before, because I knew the cucumbers they had in stock, were amazing. My husband had just brought home two from there, for me, only two days prior, so I thought it may seem strange to him, that I was coming by for more. While Calle and I were talking about the cucumbers, I explained why I needed so many, and why them being so big, is so great. It became quite funny. I invited him by my place, to share with him, about Purium/Platinum Products and the 10 Day Transformation system. And really, I wanted to hang out with him and get to know him a bit better. Winter can be funny in Holland, where we seem to mostly hide inside our homes, when we are not busy biking from point A to point B.

The next evening, when I settled down to read a book, Calle came knocking….. and with 3 giant beautiful cucumbers! The cucumbers were nearly too big to hold, he dropped them before the door and I had a laugh.

It was a lovely visit. We talked about what feels to be the most important thing in the world right now, Bowie! and we shard my “dinner”; which was the Power Shake, blended with: cinnamon, cucumber, apple and avocado, yum! And Calle LOVED it!

This week has been amazing! I am NOT looking forward to this being over! I have been feeling great and thinking so clear (and its been grey and raining nearly everyday!). This was a great decision, to do during the winter. Tomorrow will be Days 9, during my 10 Day Transformation!